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Shinichi Kotsuji Miso Cup


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This special little cup is ideal for your miso soup. With a lid that keeps the liquid warm, it also doubles as a coaster. This cup was crafted by hand in the Mie Prefecture in Japan.


A couple of years ago we were wandering through the big market at the Kitano-temmangū Shrine, where we came across Mr. Kotsuji's stall. Instantly drawn to his work, we filled our backpack with his ceramic goods and lugged it back to the hotel. It wasn't until this year that we were cleaning out our shop drawers and found his business card and reached out to him again. We've been working with him to bring his beautiful pieces to Australia since.


Shinichi Kotsuji moved to the prefecture of Mie, as he was drawn to the textured nature of the soil. He set up his workshop in the town of Iga, where he makes his own clay from the soil and builds each piece by hand.


Iga, Japan
35.6869° N, 139.7494° E

Iga is a city located in central Kii Peninsula, in the mountainous western Mie Prefecture, Japan. The city has a small population, estimated at 95,137.

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