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Small Donabe Clay Pot – White


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This clay pot was hand crafted by a small kiln based in a little township in Mie Prefecture. Founded in 1923, this kiln is renowned for their special type of pottery called "Banko-yaki".  A Donabe is a Japanese casserole dish used to cook a variety of one pot dishes such as yosenabe, nabeyaki udon, sukiyaki and udon. 




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About Banko Yaki Pottery:

Banko ware (萬古焼, Banko-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery (Stoneware) traditionally from Yokkaichi, Mie. Mainly existing out of tea pots and hot pots, the art dates back almost 270 years. It is sometimes called 'Yokkaichi Banko Yaki' with 'yaki' meaning ceramics and Yokkaichi being the city inside Mie prefecture that produces about 70-80% of all Banko Yaki in Japan. It was designated as a traditional craft work and became an export commodity in the 19th century.



Mie Prefecture, within the Kansai region on Japan's main island of Honshu, has vast protected areas and some 1,000 kilometers of Pacific coastline. In its city of Ise is one of Japan's holiest sites: the Ise Grand Shrine, a Shinto complex inside Ise-Shima National Park.

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