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Terra Alta 25 – Danielle Creenaune

$ 475.00

Danielle Creenaune is an Australian born artist who spent the last 18 years working out of her print studio in Barcelona. Now residing in Wollongong, NSW, her central motivation is “the intrinsic dialogue between landscape and people, how landscape is perceived through our library of pre-lived experiences and the ways in which this is reflected through the visual language of gesture.”

This print uses a mix of three techniques  – "Mokulito”– a rare form of Japanese printmaking based on principles of lithography using wood as a printing matrix instead of limestone. The technique was developed by professor Seishi Ozaku, in Japan in the 1970’s under the name Mokurito. In Japanese, Mokurito translates as Moku meaning wood, while rito is short for lithograph. 

Stone Lithography,” where the image is drawn onto a piece of Bavarian limestone which is kept damp. The drawn areas accept the ink while the humid non-image areas repel it, the image is then printed by hand and pulled through a manual Lithography printing press. “Chine Collé” whereby the image is printed onto a thin Japanese paper and pasted to a heavier backing paper.

Danielle’s work has received numerous awards internationally. Her work is represented by Australian Galleries Melbourne and Sydney, with an extensive collection available.


  • Stone Lithograph and Chine Colle
  • 23x23cms
  • Framed in a Tassie Oak Box Frame
  • Signed
  • Limited edition