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Točit Cloche Hat – Ivory


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With a a round crown and a simple crochet down brim, this hat made by Tocit is designed for everyday wear.
Each hat is  sewn with a paper blade and then washed to create a vintage-like feel.


Body: 80% unclassified fiber (paper), 20% polyester


Since this hat is made with a lot of natural materials, it cannot be washed, including dry cleaning.
Please avoid getting wet as it may cause the shape to collapse.
If you are concerned about the dirt on the inner size tape, squeeze a damp cloth tightly, wipe it gently, and dry it thoroughly.After wearing, please dry it thoroughly in a shaded and well-ventilated place.

About Tocit

Tocit is a hat brand that started in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, with the desire to carefully spin people, things, and encounters. Each piece is carefully sewn with the concept of
"no lines drawn" for all concepts, age, gender, and age.

About the Designer

Chiaki Kakine

Born in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, after graduating from the Bunka Fashion College Apparel Design Department, he joined Fujii Hat Co., Ltd., a family business in 2010 that is involved in contemporary dance stage costume production in Japan and overseas and the Tokyo collection
at a planning and design company. Launched točit in 2012



Onomichi is a hilly port city in southwest Honshu, Japan. It's known for the Temple Walk, a network of paths connecting 25 temples. In the east, Jōdo-ji Temple has painted screens and the ornate Taho-to Pagoda. A cable car runs to a park atop of Mt. Senkōji, where there are views of spring cherry blossoms from iconic Senkō-ji Temple.

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