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Tumi-isi Balancing Blocks — Blue


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These objects by a4 Design provide an interactive and visual way to nourish your sense of balance and creativity. Each block is hand bevelled into geometrical asymmetry shapes by local artisans in Nara, Japan.

They are made from the woods of Yoshino Cedar and Yoshino Cypress (hinoki). Each one is made with the finest 100-year wood and coated with natural paints.


1box contains 5blocks. Size approx. 40mm – 90mm Square


Designed by Daimon Kanno, tumi-isi are made from the finest 100-year-old Yoshino cedar and Yoshino cypress wood. Each block is hand-bevelled into different sizes and shapes by local artisans in Nara.


Yoshino, Japan
34.4020° N, 135.8911° E

Yoshino is a town in Japan's Kii Mountains, east of Osaka. It's the gateway to Mount Yoshino, known for the thousands of cherry trees that blossom in the spring. The mountain is also home to the Yoshimizu Shrine, with its collection of ceramics, paintings and armor.

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