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Knife Sharpening with Hazuki

1 December, 2022

Thursday 8th Dec – 10am

381b Riley St, Surry Hills.

Thursday 8th Dec – 10am
381b Riley St, Surry Hills.

The basic sharpening fee are as follows:
$20 for any knife blade below 20cm in length.
$25 for any knife between 20cm and 25cm in length.
$30 for between 25cm and 30cm in length.

An extra fee applies for a repair as well as sharpening special knives such as Japanese single-bevel knives or serrated knives. 

Please allow 20 mins for each knife. You may also drop off and pick up your knives from Provider store.


Hazuki 刃月, is translated as Blade Moon. At Hazuki, they evaluate every knife individually. Then talk to the customer about their needs and wants.

Knives are the backbone in any kitchen. They must perform well and assist chefs and cooks in food preparation safely and efficiently.


Nari san will be teaching knife sharpening at our studio in Surry Hills. If you are interested in attending a workshop please email us:

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