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About us

paintingProvider Store:

Provider Store is a destination specialising in things for the home. Most of what you find on our website is either handmade by Tara Bennett or by local and international creatives. Each piece explores the concept of slow living, with an emphasis on creating ethical and sustainable products.

Inspired by Tara’s travels, each item is a thoughtful representation of Provider's values. Aiming to create something special that tells a little story, while knowing exactly who made it and where it came from.


About Tara Bennett: 

Tara Bennett comes from a background in fashion eCommerce. After studying her fashion course and going to work with some of Australia's most reputable stores and brands, she branched out and started provider. 

With Tara's mum, grandmother and great grandmother all being sewers, she first found a passion for vintage clothing where she would search through the local thrift stores and then re-maker her finds. In 2012 she opened a vintage store with her three other housemates in Surry Hills called Provider. After closing this when the place was getting renovated, Provider laid doormat for awhile.

It was when Tara travelled to Japan for the first time over four years ago that she was overwhelmed by their society and culture. Noticing how the Japanese had this obvious respect for their belongings (there was no dirty cars, streets, no rubbish) that it hit home at how different we lived our lives in Australia. We want everything now at the cheapest price, once the trend changes, we throw it and go to the next thing. Everything in Japan was so well thought out – simple, timeless, yet practical.

Tara came home from this trip in 2014, quit her full time job and has been focusing on building a brand that's all about educating people on ethical and sustainability and smarter purchasing ever since.

Tara still freelances as an eCommerce consultant in Sydney. If you want to work with her, email

    Images by Todd Clare & Darren Luk

to create something special that tells a little story through Tara