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The NychairX - A good lazy day read about a lazy day chair

24 April, 2022


Dylan Bennett


Nick Tsindos

We have a couple of the lounging chairs at Provider HQ for when we’re tired of sitting at our desks so I feel that my testimonial bears some merit when I say that they are not just comfortable but often difficult to get up from.

Don’t let the simple design of these chairs fool you; the NychairX are one of our favourite pieces we stock and for good reason.

The whole set of the fresh new colour: cobalt blue.

The NychairX was designed by Takeshi Nii in 1958 with the basic concept for to create a simple space saving, foldable chair using durable yet simple materials. In his words, “a chair like a curry rice that everybody loves”. That is to say a chair would be reasonably priced, comfortable to sit on and useful. And its shape allows the user to relax to the full.

“A chair like a curry rice everybody loves”

Designer Takeshi Nii.

The chair has been loved the world over thanks to its Japan-made quality and comfort seeing it achieve a myriad of awards from the Japan Interior Architects/Designers' Association Award, the National Special Award for Invention, to the Long Life Design Award to name a few.

Each striking colourway will find a nice home in your living space.
Take the NychairX 80 with you on the go.

10 years following it's launch we were introduced to the NychairX 80, a less lounge-focussed seat with the seat height set higher than that of the X with a more compact structure where even the backrest can be folded for easy portability.

These chairs come in several bold colours and can be mixed and matched with the ottoman, all of which features removable fabric for easy cleaning. The NychairX is a simple but striking piece of furniture that will not fail to tie together a living space with a touch of style.

The younger sibling to the lounging chair, the NychairX 80.

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