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Akane Candle

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A slender, pinched ceramic featured with powerful indigo brushstrokes over its grey base, appearing like crashing waves. Adorned with rippled grooves along its circumference and a glossy finish, this candle will definitely standout even next to other Provider ceramics.


Pure soy wax poured in Sydney

Approx. 4o hours burn time

Designed to become your tea cup after to bring it back to the shop for a refill.


Recently when we were in Japan, we took a day trip to Fukui Prefecture. We drove for hours to a sleepy seaside town called Echizen, where we learnt about the deep history of pottery in the area.

In a little van we got taken to a dug-up field and learnt that it was the town’s clay source. They dig it up then take it to the local clay factory where it’s left to dry out. Then it goes through many manual steps until it’s ready to be dispersed to the ceramists of Echizen. Only the residents of this area have access to the clay.

Due to the natural metals in the earth, the clay has special properties that allow the craftspeople to make thinner style pottery that won’t crack when fired.

We were lucky enough to work with two different makers in Echizen to create our new speciality candle cups. Each one is hand built and fired using the special clay. We are super excited to be able to share these limited-edition candles with you, that after they are burnt can become your Japanese tea cup.



Fukui Prefecture is part of Japan's Honshu island, bordering the Sea of Japan. Rock formations like the Tōjinbō cliffs dot its coastline. Katsuyama city has a prominent dinosaur museum, while Sakai city's Maruoka Castle dates to 1576. Ichijōdani Asakura Family Historic Ruins are the partially reconstructed remains of a 16th-century clan village. Immersed in a cedar forest is Eihei-ji, a Sōtō Zen temple.


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