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Bamboo Sudare Placemat

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This bamboo placemat uses sudare to weave together the little slats. Perfect for protecting your dining table, they are a practical and easy to clean item designed for everyday use.


(すだれ) are screens or blinds. They are sometimes called misu (御簾 or みす) as well, particularly if they have a green fabric hem. Sudare are made of horizontal slats of decorative wood, bamboo, or other natural material woven together with simple string, coloured yarn, or other decorative material to make nearly solid blinds. They could be either rolled or folded up out of the way. Yoshizu, non-hanging type sudare, are made of vertical slats of common reed and used as screen.


40cm x 30cm




Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Gifu is a prefecture in central Honshu, Japan's main island. It's home to traditional mountain villages, including Gujo Hachiman and the skiing destination Takayama. 

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