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Chips Stacking Mug – White


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This mug was made for both function and appeal. Designed to be stackable and easy to hold, it was made in the Mino Province by CHIPS, who produce tableware to blend into everyday life.


CHIPS is a brand that's made in Japan. It was designed in pursuit of ease of use and ease of holding. The result is a durable and timeless style that can be stacked, mix and matched and used everyday.


Microwave and dishwasher safe





Tajimi, Japan
41.0025° N, 113.7305° E

Mino Province, one of the old provinces of Japan, encompassed the southern part of modern-day Gifu Prefecture. Mino ware (美濃焼, Mino-yaki) refers to Japanese pottery that was produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki and Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan.

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