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NANIWA – Gouken Arata #400

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The Gouken Arata is the slim line version of the well renowned, full sized Naniwa Chosera used by professional sharpeners all over Japan. Lighter, more affordable, and portable; the Arata feels identical to the Naniwa Chosera and comes with a plastic case that doubles as a stand.


Coarse grit #400.


The Arata line of stone is split between 3 levels of abrasion Coarse, Medium and Fine. The #400 is a very solid, hard and aggressive stone that does not wear easily.

We recommend soaking the Arata stone for only 2-3 minutes for initial sharpening, after the whetstone has been soaked it can be splashed with water to keep the surface wet. Once finished sharpening clean the stone and allow it to air dry naturally.


The short step between grits on this #1000/#3000 stone makes it easy for the sharpener to move between the two, achieving a well honed and polished edged. The #1000 stone is ideal for touching up blades that have dulled through general use, while the #3000 stone will put a polish on already tuned edges and achieves a pleasing level of sharpness.

Suehiro's Cerax range is widely used across the wood working and culinary professions. These stones are made from slow-wearing ceramic particles packed inside durable binders that are capable of abrading both high carbon steel and hard tool steels, including chromium and vanadium alloys.

For best results, soak each stone for 5-10 minutes before use and allow to dry afterwards. Do not soak stones as prolonged immersion in water can cause the binder to deteriorate.

We recommend regularly flattening with a lapping plate.


Suehiro's goal with their company is to reduce the stigma around using whetstones to sharpen knives and tools as opposed to through them out once they are dull.

Whetting knives is neither difficult nor dangerous. If you have one versatile whetstone at home, you can whet not only cooking knives but also various kinds of knives and blades you have. Even from the perspective of cherishing what you use, we’d highly recommend using whetstones.



Niigata is a port city on Honshu, Japan’s main island. The Minatopia history museum complex includes heritage buildings like the 19th-century Niigata Customs House.

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