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Cedar Chopstick Rest


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Made in Yoshino Nara from cedar, this chopstick rest is design to hold your chopsticks in place, keeping them clean and sterile between dishes. Crafted by hand by Mr. Sakanaka, who we met a few years ago, each one is untreated and slightly unique due to the nature of being made by hand.


Last year when we went to Nara, Japan we met Mr. Sakanaka. He lives in Yoshino and carves all his pieces by hand using hinoki timber. When we met, Mr. Sakanaka had never sold his work to anyone overseas, so it was an absolute pleasure to be the first. His lovely daughter now helps translate our emails so we can communicate about new pieces and ordering.


Yoshino, Japan
34.4020° N, 135.8911° E

Yoshino is a district located in Nara Prefecture, Japan. The most well-known area within the town is Yoshino Mountain, famous for its many thousands of sakura trees. The town of Yoshino produces a wide variety of wood-based goods made from red cedar and cypress trees (hinoki) that have been planted and harvested in cycles for 500 years.

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