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Hinoki Rice Ohitsu with Lid – Small

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This Ohitsu was made from natural wood in Sanjo City, Niigata. Used mainly to keep steamed rice warm for a long time, the wood absorbs damp or steam from the rice and prevents it from drying out. It also gives the unique wood smell to rice and makes the taste even better. 

Approx. 18cm wide


The Ohitsu has been used for many years through Japanese history. It was designed as a way to keep cooked rice moist and fresh. You usually see them on tables at Japanese restaurants as a way of housing your table rice.

Once you have prepared your sushi rice, transfer it to the Ohitsu. The natural wood absorbs the steam and prevents it drying out. The wood slowing infuses the rice with its aroma, giving the rice a more fragrant and delicious taste.



Sanjō (三条市, Sanjō-shi) is a city located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It is about 2 hours from Tokyo via the Jōetsu Shinkansen. The Shinano River flows through the west of it from south to north and the Ikarashi-gawa River flows through the centre of the urbanised area.

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