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Hinoki Wood Stool

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Made in a woodworking studio on the outskirts of Nara up in the Mountains, this solid Hinoki Wood stool is carefully crafted with detailed joinery. Use this stool in the bathroom to create an Onsen experience at home or use it as a handy seat.

H44cm X D30cm X W 40cm


On our latest trip to Japan, we stopped by little backstreet markets, cute kitchenware stores, antique shops and small family run businesses to find a selection of unique often one of a kind pieces. 


Nara, Japan
34.6994° N, 135.8464° E

Nara is the capital of Japan's Nara Prefecture, in south-central Honshu. The city has significant temples and artwork dating to the 8th century, when it was Japan's capital. Deer roam in Nara Park, site of Tōdai-ji temple.

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