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Izuru DIY Stools

IZURU – DIY Mini Stool Natural

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Designed by Takuma Fujikawa and awarded the Good Design Award in 2021 this DIY kit contains everything you need to assemble yourself a sturdy stool constructed out of wood and braided rope. Featuring simple joinery and easy weaving, with a bit of a time investment anyone can put this sturdy stool together.

Completed stool dimensions: W328×D237×H235

Hinoki timber

All equipment included

*Please note we are unable to ship wood products to NZ due to customs and bio-security restrictions. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at


Izuru Mokko are constantly researching, designing, and manufacturing in order to provide high-quality chairs. As part of their collection, they have developed a paper cord knitting chair which means you get to be part of the creation process.

Based in Yoshino, Nara, Izuru carefully selected high-quality materials and a manufacturing process equivalent to that of discerning furniture, the result is a finish that you wouldn't expect from a furniture kit. 


Nara, Japan
34.6994° N, 135.8464° E

Yoshino is a district located in Nara Prefecture, Japan. The most well-known area within the town is Yoshino Mountain, famous for its many thousands of sakura trees. The town of Yoshino produces a wide variety of wood-based goods made from red cedar and cypress trees (hinoki) that have been planted and harvested in cycles for 500 years.

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