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Japanese Chestnut Christmas Tree - II

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A handcrafted chestnut Christmas tree, a special piece that you can bring out every Christmas and cherish for a lifetime ahead. It is made using 100 year of Chestnut tree from a forest in Japan.

Material: Japanese Chestnut Wood (over 100 years old)

H 16 x W 5cm


With an ethos of 'Craftsmanship that gives you a sense of warmth and is loved over a time' Growth Ring uses trees grown for 100 years to last for a 100 years, designed to be passed down through generations. The materials are all carefully selected creating products that are skilfully designed and executed, the brand connects the mountain growers with designers and designers to craftsman to create connections and a bridge between the forest and cities. Each piece is like having a piece of the forests of Japan in your home.

We were lucky enough last year to host a Workshop with Sayumi from Growth Ring which taught us how to take care of our wooden pieces and how to make them last a lifetime as well as learning about the forests from where it came. We are delighted to have a limited run of their beautifully crafted pieces. 



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