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Kadoma Candle – Blue


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The Kadoma Candle is one of our favourite little cups. With two pinches on the side to make for easy holding and a glossy blue glaze, it's a fun little design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


A few years ago we ventured to the town of Tajimi in the Gifu prefecture, to find workshops who make ceramics. Since then we have been working with them to produce cups to make our candles in.
We use pure soy wax and boutique fragrances to create the candle. Each one is made in our Surry Hills studio.



Pure soy wax

Approx. 30hour burn time

Japanese ceramic cup


Tajimi, Japan
41.0025° N, 113.7305° E

Tajimi (多治見市, Tajimi-shi) is located on the southern border of Gifu Prefecture with Aichi Prefecture. The Kiso River and the Shōnai River flow through the city.


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