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A.M MATCHA - 30g Tin

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Premium grade, organically grown first spring harvest Matcha from our friends at A.M. MATCHA. This premium ceremonial grade matcha is prepared in small batches and is perfect for everyday.

Harvested from the first spring tea leaves, this single origin matcha powder is organically grown on the volcanic island of Kyushu, Japan, which is known for its fertile soil. 

30g tin

Flavour notes 

With mild tannins and a smooth umami flavour, a.m. matcha is full of antioxidants, nutrients, and slow-release caffeine for energy, focus and calm. A.M. MATCHA is a vibrant green with a complexity of flavour that suits both matcha lattes and usucha. 



Kyushu, the southwestern most of Japan’s main islands, has a mostly subtropical climate. It’s known for its active volcanoes, beaches and natural hot springs such as those at Beppu.

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