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Matsuo Trenching Hoe

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This nifty little tool is designed to cultivate garden soil and to remove weeds. A hoe is an ancient and versatile agricultural and horticultural hand tool used to shape soil, remove weeds, clear soil, and harvest root crops. Shaping the soil includes piling soil around the base of plants, digging narrow furrows and shallow trenches for planting seeds or bulbs.

This tool is made with quality steel and iron and the blade is made to keep its sharpness for a long time.

Recommended to wear garden gloves when you use and to store it in a safe place, keeping out of reach from children.

Material: Carbon Steel

Full Length: 280mm

Blade Length: 110mm

Weight: 187g


Keep dry, oil joints to keep in best condition.



Sanjō is a city located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 July 2019, the city had an estimated population of 95,706 in 36,201 households, and a population density of 222 persons per km². The total area of the city was 431.97 square kilometres.

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