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Milly Dent Tidal Ebb Platter - Sandstone

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This handcrafted bowl captures the intricacies in patterns of the Sydney coastline, in a pigmented Australian Stoneware Clay. The result of documenting landscape by vigorously pressing clay slabs against the rocky surfaces, this bowl mirrors the unparalleled beauty and unassuming facets of our natural environment. A long platter for your oysters, appetisers or a shared dish.

19 x 22 x 8cm

Australian Stoneware, Earthy Pigments and Clear Gloss Glaze

Dishwasher safe

Made in Sydney, Australia 

Milly Dent: 

Milly Dent reimagines daily routine through uniquely handcrafted, exclusive ceramic goods. Handmade by Milly in her Sydney studio using small-scale production methods along with distinctive marbling and geometric pattern work, the result challenged conventional expectations of tableware. 

About the 'Intertidal' collection:

"Designing and crafting the pieces for the ‘Intertidal’ was an immersive process that drew inspiration from nature’s forms and hues. Collaboration with the environment itself, Milly and her team ventured to the rocky forms of Clovelly in Sydney to explore the intricacies of the intertidal space. This direct interaction with the landscape informed the profiles and contours of each piece, using the shapes and textures of the rocks and sand to create molds for tableware. 

Experimenting with earth-like pigments and materials, we sought to translate the delicate textures and ethereal qualities of the Oceanic world into ceramic, functional artistry."


Sydney, Australia
33.9087° S, 151.1523° E

Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. 

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