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Mini Palm Brush


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This little handmade brush will be your best friend for dusting small surfaces, removing crumbs from the kitchen or getting bits off the floor.

27cm long
8cm wide


Even in villages where broom making has been more popular than before the Meiji era, the number of craftsmen has decreased due to the spread of vacuum cleaners. However, older makers in their 80s and 90s are still making brooms. Currently, it is made using both imported broom grass and local broom grass

Founded in 1945, Matsunoya is a dealer of various daily items (aramono) made from natural materials. Aramono include brooms, dustpans, and sieves - the simple daily tools found in most traditional homes.



Tochigi is a Japanese prefecture north of Tokyo that encompasses part of Nikko National Park. The cedar-filled park contains volcanic Mt. Nantai and the adjacent Lake Chūzenji, formed when the mountain erupted.

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