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Provider House scent is a 100% pure, simply-blended essential oil. We wanted to create an aroma that blends the Australian bush with the forests of Japan to create a harmonious fragrance as unique as Provider House. Inspired by crisp, clean air, fresh water streams, mountains, and forests. It is a fragrance that will make you feel as though you are walking in nature without leaving your house.


Hinoki Wood, Blue Cypress, Buddha Wood, Lavender and a hint of Peppermint. 



Add a couple of drops to your Aroma Diffuser. Once the scent begins to fade, add more as desired.


We have been working with @aroma for over six years now and make a special visit every time we are in Tokyo. They make beautiful scents and products for the home and work with brands to create signature aromas for hotels, airlines, and more. Since the inception of Provider House, we knew we wanted to collaborate to create a signature scent as unique as the house.

This custom fragrance was designed with both the Australian bushland and Japanese forests in mind to create a harmonious blend. We wanted to capture the smell of cypress and hinoki wood found in places like Iya Valley and the forest of Japan and blend that with the freshness and clean, crisp air you find down in Tasmania and the essence of being out in the Australian bushlands. We wanted to capture these two places, and create a custom scent for Provider House to fill your home with. 


Tokyo, Japan
35.6894° N, 139.6917° E

Tokyo東京Tōkyō, is the capital and most populous prefecture of Japan. Tokyo is the political and economic centre of the country, as well as the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the national government.

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