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We found this rake and other pieces in the small post-towns called Magome & Tsumago, we carried these rakes with us along some of the Nakasendo trail. We got a few interested looks from fellow travellers but we think it was worth it. Rake your autumn leaves, tend to the garden or use it as a feature piece for the home.


Length: 78.5cm 

Width: 210mm (rake end)


On our latest trip to Japan, we stopped by little backstreet markets, cute kitchenware stores, antique shops and small family run businesses to find a selection of unique often one of a kind pieces. 



Tsumago is a post-town on the Nakasendo route trail between Kyoto and Edo, it is one of the most well preserved post towns along the trail. It is located in Nagiso, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

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