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Sogi Small Scalloped Dish

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Deep in the forest in Tajimi, we were lucky enough to visit Kato Kiln. Run by a master potter who has been making beautiful pieces for many many years. Each piece is handmade and fired in a kiln located in the garden. A beautifully crafted dish with scalloped edges, use it as a jewellery dish or sauce dish for the table.

Size: W10cm X H3cm

*As much as we try colours may vary slightly from what is pictured. 


We first went to Kato Kiln at the end of last year and were excited to return once more to this kiln located deep in the forest in Tajimi. Run by a master potter who has been making beautiful pieces for many, many years. We spent some time wandering the grounds and exploring the garden kiln, where Mr. Kato fires each piece.

While selecting some special pieces, Mr. Kato made us coffee, grinding fresh beans in an old corn mill, while Mrs. Kato brought us homemade chestnut sweets and potato chips made from garden potatoes. She also gave us a pack of homemade cookies to take with us on our travels.

It is always such a warming experience to learn about someone's craft while being welcomed into their home and treated like family.


Tajimi, Japan
41.0025° N, 113.7305° E

Tajimi (多治見市, Tajimi-shi) is a city in central Japan. It's known for its ceramics - of Mino ware ceramics, especially in the Oribe and Seto styles.

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