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Soma Candle

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The Soma is a new shape designed in collaboration with a small workshop in Tajimi, Japan. With a creamy glaze fired over a red clay cup, this candle is made from pure soy wax and is designed to be used for your matcha or miso after use.

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to visit Japan again. While we were there we got to meet a new kiln in Gifu, where they create small batches of pottery. We designed three beautiful cups and glazes in collaboration with this workshop - we even got to see the huge kiln open right after it was fired. 
Each cup is designed to be your matcha bowl after it's burnt.

Ingredients & Craft

Located in Surry Hills, Sydney, is our studio where we pour all our candles by hand. Using pure soy wax and boutique fragrances. Each of our candles are designed to be used past their burn time as they are all Japanese cups.
Simply remove the wick, wash with hot soapy water and you can drink tea from it, or bring it back to the store for a refill.


40-50 hour burn time

500g wax

Pure soy

Hand made Japanese cup


Tajimi, Japan
41.0025° N, 113.7305° E

Tajimi is a city in central Japan. It's known for its ceramics, which are on display at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art. In the south, the Mosaic Tile Museum is set in a striking building designed to resemble a mound of earth. The Ichinokura Sakazuki Art Museum has a large collection of sake cups.


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