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@Aroma Stone Diffuser Set

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This stone diffuser set is crafted from ceramic and baked in one of the eldest kilns in Japan. Its design makes it porous so when you add essential oils to it they release the aroma. Each set comes in a wooden box with an oil of choice and a stone.


Every time we visit Tokyo we pop by the @Aroma office to smell new fragrances, see their latest designs and just have a good old yarn. 

We have been working with @Aroma for around 5 years and using their oils and diffusers for even longer. It's a brand we whole heartedly back, from quality and innovative design, we are proud to say that @Aroma is a top selling brand. 

How to Use

Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the top of the diffuser. Being a porous surface, the oils seeps into the hinoki wood and naturally lift off and infuse the space with the aroma. No fire or electricity required. They are subtle so we recommend using them in a space space like a bedroom or bathroom. 




Tokyo, Japan
35.6894° N, 139.6917° E

Tokyo: 東京, officially Tokyo Metropolis is the capital and most populous prefecture in Japan. Tokyo is the political and economic centre of the country. In 2019, the prefecture had an estimated population of 13,929,280.

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