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Yuri Petit Knife

$ 110.00

Made by Shizu Hamono Co. in Seki, Gifu this knife was developed by experienced chefs for daily use. They created the thinnest blade ever in SHIZU knife catalog. With nature of thin blade, you can cut ingredients with very small strength.

The handle is made of reinforced laminated wood that is easy to grip and tough against water.

NAKIRI = for vegetables

Seki is famous for producing quality knives in Japan dating back 800 years ago.

Shizu Hamono Co., Ltd. was born in Showa 55, inheriting the superior techniques and traditions of sword masters from the Kamakura period. They have superior technology, blended with intricate manufacturing.

Blade : stainless steel

- Total length 250mm / Blade lenght 140mm 

The actual wood grains and colour may appear slightly different from one another
-Do not soak in water for long periods of time

- Comes in a wooden box