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Grilled Tasmanian Scallops From Chloe's Bondi

22 December, 2023


Sam Ratcliff, Chef/Owner Chloe's Bondi


Nick Tsindos

We were fortunate enough to be let into the kitchen at Chloe's Bondi while the team whipped us up this tasty treat of a recipe. Sam & Bea are absolute legends, and we can't wait to try out this dish at our next summer Hibachi BBQ session. They have also given us the perfect wine pairing for the dish (so good!), plus a little interview for your reading pleasure.

Tasmanian Scallops
Ingredients ready to go.



6 1/2 shell scallops, roe off cleaned by your local fishmonger, the bigger the better.


100gm unsalted butter, room temperature


3 sheets nori, toasted


1 x 50gm jar yuzu kosho (fermented yuzu peel and green chilli, this stuff is bonkers)


100 ml yuzu juice or lime juice if you can’t get your mits on yuzu


150ml sesame oil


2 large red radish


1 punnet baby shiso leaf, or 1 large shiso leaf


Sea salt

Toasting Nori.
Blend to make Nori powder.



Light up your hibachi or BBQ and make sure your butter is at room temperature. 

Take the nori sheets and toast them over your gas stovetop or bbq until brittle, be careful not to set on fire!

Once toasted, put in a blender or a mortar and pestle, break down until the nori forms a powder. 

Using a spatula, fold the nori powder and a good pinch of sea salt through the butter until well incorporated and set aside. 

Combine ingredients.
Whisk together.

Take the Yuzu Kosho, the yuzu/lime juice and the sesame oil into a mixing bowl and whisk until emulsified, you won’t need all the dressing for one portion but it keeps great for another day. Bear in mind it will split over time. Keep in whatever vessel suits your fancy.

Thinly slice radish.

Wash your radishes! Take a sharp knife or mandolin if you have one and thinly slice the radish, I chose to do batons, but slice away in any shape or form as long as its nice and thin, too thick and the radish will start to steal the scallops thunder.

Wash and trim your baby Shiso, if you could only find the larger leaves, wash them and then thinly slice them, make sure you don’t get any stem in there.

Place butter mix under scallops.
Cooking up a storm.

Take the scallops, make sure to check for any grit or shell that may be hiding, that stuff doesn’t taste too good. 

Take scallop out of shell, set aside somewhere cold and clean. 

Take a tablespoon of butter for each shell, placing in the deepest curve of the shell and place scallops on top of the butter, gently push down so the scallop won’t move.

Scallops on the hot Hibachi.
Foaming butter.

By now your hibachi or bbq should be ready to go! 

Lightly season the scallops, and place on the bbq, after a minute or so the butter should start foaming, turn scallops over to cook the top side for another 30 seconds and remove from heat. Remember the scallop will keep cooking from the residual heat, I like mine just cooked so if you want them cooked through leave them for an additional 30 seconds after you flip them.

Take your zesty beast of a dressing and give each scallop a good teaspoons worth.

Place your radish on top and garnish with the Shiso.

Tell your mates to come share or just smash them down yourself, they wont last long, trust me.

Happy cooking everyone!

Dressed and ready to serve.

Wine Pairing

The wine we paired this dish with is Brash Higgins Chenin Blanc ‘22.


Brash Higgins Chenin Blanc ‘22.JPG
Perfect summer dish.

Tell Us About Chloe's:

Chloe's was a culmination of ideas from all different aspects. We felt that the area was lacking in a venue like ours, so we wanted to fill that gap in the market, having full creative freedom and the ability to bring exciting food and wines and to showcase what Australia has to offer.

At Chloe's, we strive to maintain a level of standards utilising the abundance of beautiful Australian produce and wines. Low food/drink mileage, sustainability, and ethical practices are key to our operation. Our wine list is made up completely of Australian producers; you may sometimes find a cheeky international special on our blackboard. Our food menu is designed to share, with flavours taking you across the world; each dish has its own purpose on the menu; and the menu changes seasonally, thus keeping our customers refreshed each time they choose to dine again.


About the recipe:

Being Tasmanian myself, I can’t go past any produce from the beautiful island, these scallops especially. The pristine, cold waters really make for some of the best seafood in the world. I’m not biassed, I promise. I have used Yuzu Kosho in the past in a few different ways, and I find it a super exciting ingredient. It's so punchy and zesty, yet if used in the right way, it can bring a calm but strong flavour profile. Scallops also have a calm but strong flavour, so I figured they'd marry well on the plate. The other flavours of nori, radish, and shiso pretty much put their hands up to join the marriage, so I had no objections!

About the wine:

We chose Brash Higgins Chenin Blanc for its salinity, savoury, and textural notes; being a skin contact, it complemented the dish perfectly. It is organically made in the Blewitt Springs subregion of Mclaren Vale, at the Willamba Hill vineyards. A perfect drop for a sunny afternoon with seafood.

Inside Chloe's.
Wines galore.

"...there’s not many better feelings in the world than seeing honest smiles and full stomachs"

Sam Ratcliff

What do you enjoy most about cooking and food?

I'll keep this short and sweet. The simplicity of it all whilst being so technically driven, the fact I will always be learning, and the ability to recreate stories from any aspect of life, especially memories. Another huge one is cooking for friends and family, there’s not many better feelings in the world than seeing honest smiles and full stomachs. Love is the key ingredient.

What wines are you loving at the moment? 

As the days get warmer and the nights longer, I can’t go past a nice crisp white or a juicy chilled red.

One standout lately was actually last night at Da Orazio, an Italian white called Ischia Bianco. It was super saline with a slight honey flavour, perfect for these hot nights. I also can’t go past Lucy Margaux wines by Anton Von Klopper; the Pinot Gris Pet Nat and the Barbera/Nebbiolo are both to die for.

Chloe's Bondi.

Who or what inspires you? 

My biggest inspirations are my mum, my partner, and my peers, especially the ones I get to call my mates as well. I've had the joy of working alongside some amazing chefs in the past, but I won’t name anyone, as I’ve taken inspiration from each and every one of them. In terms of what inspired me, again, it's the ever-evolving world of hospitality. I never went to cooking school, starting out as a dishy some 11 years ago, I haven’t looked back since and have had some awesome, eye-opening, and difficult experiences along the way, never say no to opportunities when they arise!

What is your guilty pleasure food? 

My guilty pleasure food is a quarter pounder, extra onions and pickles and some fries stuffed in there for good measure. Not one to be enjoyed too often but when the chance arises, it's getting devoured.


Sam & Bea.

Enjoy this absolute ripper of a recipe from Sam, or just head down to Chloe's in Bondi and leave it to the professional to treat your taste buds. 

We cannot thank Sam & Bea enough for letting us into the kitchen and sharing with recipe with us. 


 87A Gould St,
Bondi NSW 2026

Find them on socials @chloesbondi or online here


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