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24hrs In Osaka

29 February, 2024


Tara Bennett 


Nick Tsindos & Tara Bennett

Osaka is a city we normally zoom in and out of. It’s one we don’t get to spend much time in, but we still have lots of fun when we do. If you have a spare day or two, this is what we recommend.


We got off the red eye flight and needed coffee stat! Mill Pour is a tiny little place that opens early. The coffee is so good and the French toast was mouth-wateringly yum.

Breakfast at Mill Pour.

Biotop is an amazing store. Downstairs is a nursery, café plus home and beauty store. We always find goodies here. Up one flight of stairs you come to an almost exhibition like space filled with Japanese and European designers (Jil Sander, Auralee, Studio Nicholson to name a few). The top floor is a rooftop pizza restaurant. A pizza and beer up there is endorsed.

Around the streets here there are many cool stores. We would recommend getting lost for a bit here.


Biotop Osaka.
Biotop shop space.

Wad – time for some zen. This space is upstairs and provides a bit of respite from the busy city streets of Osaka. Last time we visited we felt like we experienced a low-key tea ceremony experience.

WAD Osaka.

Truck – With furniture that’s been made on site since 1997, Truck is a place that you will want to sit in, soak up the craftsmanship and start trying to work out how to bring home a 70’s inspired cord sofa home.

While visiting Truck we also had the opportunity to speak with founder and owner Tok Kise, read the full story here.

Truck showroom.

Bird – Located right next door to Truck, Bird is famous for their hot cinnamon doughnuts. The space is dimly lit and warm – adorned with all Truck’s furniture. Have a doughnut and a coffee and appreciate just how cool the whole thing is.

Hot fresh Doughnuts at Bird.
Bird Cafe.

Next up we think you should visit Winestand Perche. The delightful owner has taught us Osaka “slang” the last few times we have visited. He lived in France so there’s an abundant amount of natural wine from all over the country. He bakes all the treats on the menu. It’s a welcoming place where we are happy to get a bit of a wine buzz at. When you walk in, say “Maido!” and he’ll be super chuffed.

Winestand Perche.

It’s dinner time! A very short (50m) walk and you’re at にこらしか (translates to smile). Osaka is famous for okonomiyaki, and they do it well! There’s a tongue-in-cheek sign out the front saying people who enter must like natural wine. So be prepared to drink some interesting and amazing natural drops. Hot tip, sit at the bar. It’s mesmerising to watch them make the Japan cakes.

Dinner at Smile.

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