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At Home With Tara & Pocari

7 February, 2024


Tara Bennett & Pocari


Nick Tsindos

Tara & Pocari.

Come with us as we take a look inside Tara & Pocari’s cute home in Sydney’s Inner West. Although the house is situated right behind a bustling shopping strip, stepping into the space makes you feel an instant sense of calm. It’s the kind of place you want to kick back and relax with a good meal and a glass of wine with friends.

While we perused the shelves that are filled with pieces Tara has collected through her many travels, we asked some hard-hitting questions about food, life, Provider, and more.

Living room details.
Curated pieces.

Where do you currently live?

Inner West (is best), Sydney

Talk us through your daily morning routine?

I wake up, light some incense and make a pour over coffee. Then I get Pocari and we sit in bed for a cuddle before getting ready for the day.

What's Pocari's daily routine?

Pocari's routine is eat, sleep, howl repeat.

What inspired you to start Provider?

It definitely spawned from my love of arts and crafts; some of our first products were bags and pillows that I hand painted and I still hand-draw all of the illustrations and comics for Provider to this day. I also wanted to create somewhere that celebrates hand-made and brings beautiful, unique things to people's homes.

Wataru Uchida print.

What is your most precious home items?

Pocari is my most precious item as well as some of the Sadaaki Kido pieces he gifted me when I met him in Shiga.

Things you can't live without

I couldn’t live without a comfy bed and my morning coffee.

Homebody or are you out all the time?

I am extroverted introvert. I love being social but coming home to recharge is very important (and essential).


What is your go-to meal?

My go-to meal is veggie curry but I also love making tacos and this delicious soba noodle salad.

What is your condiment you can't live without?

Now I know it's not technically a condiment but I would literally carry around a salt shaker if I could. I love salty food

Kitchen essentials.
Veggie Curry.

You are entertaining, what do you cook?

I have a cute little courtyard so entertaining is currently my love language. Last weekend we whipped out the hibachi and made grilled prawns and heaps of veg.

View to the courtyard.
Pocari soaking up some sun.

What are you currently watching?

MAFS - lol. It's my guilty pleasure. Besides that I just finished The Bear and I also really enjoyed Dave.

What are you currently reading?

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton, I wanted to read it before I watched the TV series and of course the latest Popeye mag.

What's on your bedside table?

Just my book, lip balm and a lamp.

What are you listening to?

I am jumping between Leon Bridges, Lo-fi Jazzy hiphop playlists and a bit of Maribou State.

Japanese mag.
Collected pieces.

What do you like coming home to?

I like coming home to clean sheets, stillness and a glass of wine.

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