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At Home with Anno

11 July, 2023


Anno Inthavong


Tara Bennett 

My name is Anno Inthavong, I am the Store Manager at Provider Store. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my cat Miko and lots of plants. 

Talk us through a home ritual of yours

I am an early riser and like to make a strong coffee to get the day started. I like to make time for stretching while listening to music or podcasts. Living with lots of plants means daily maintenance which can be a chore, however I find it calming and enjoy the process. Sometimes if I'm in the mood I like to make playlists or record mixtapes to listen to on the way to work. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

Yes, a few actually. I also work as a DJ in Sydney and love collecting records, gardening and antique shopping. I also dabble in photography and styling.

What are your favourite plants? 

I enjoy growing and propagating tropical plants like Aroids, Palms and Begonias. Also love ferns and cascading plants with interesting foliage and patterns.  

What are your tips to keeping plants alive? 

Best to allow the soil to completely dry between watering. For tropical plants, bright indirect light is ideal and fertilise during the warmer months. It's also good to prune regularly for healthy new growth. 

What styles of music do you like collecting? 

I love many styles from Jazz, Funk and Disco especially from the 70's and 80's to recent Soul, R&B and House. Recently I've been collecting more Japanese and Brazilian music from that era. Here are a couple of playlists I made for Provider with some of my favourite tunes, Japanese Mellow Groove and Saudade.

What are some records you have picked up recently? 

I finally have a copy of Ride On Time by Tatsuro Yamashita that was on the wishlist for a while. And a couple of Brazillian albums - Quem E Quem by Joao Donato and Sim Sim sim by Bala Desejo. 

Where do you buy your records? 

Discogs - an online platform for sellers from across the globe. Record fairs, Juno records from the UK and local record stores Papa Disque Records and Halcyon Days in Newtown. 

What are your favourite antique stores in Sydney? 

Lunatiques in Mascot, Mitchell Rd Antiques in Alexandria and Provider Store of course! 


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